CRCKY is currently assisting immigrant families who do not qualify for government assistance and have at least one household member diagnosed with Covid-19. If someone in your household tested positive for this virus, we can help with rent, utilities, food, medicine, and whatever else you need to ensure you can stay at home during quarantine.  If no one in your family has Covid, we recommend you apply to for rent assistance and Catholic Charities for utilities. 
Did you know that the CDC's order saying you cannot be evicted until July 31st does not automatically apply to you? In order to be protected, you must fill out a Declaration Form to prevent eviction.  If you don't, you can still be evicted for not paying your rent.  



Call 1-800-674-9217, Extension "1" 

We will help you within 48 hours.





We are a diverse coalition united to provide community support to Kentucky families negatively impacted by immigration enforcement.

Our volunteer efforts focus on Community Resources, Detention Services, and Legal Services. We provide relief to individuals and families adversely impacted by immigration enforcement through assistance and referral to other agencies to address the need for housing, food, transportation, information, and other goods and services, in an effort to provide temporary relief and strengthen healthy family connections.